Case Study – How Popup Domination Increased Subscribers by 67%

I’ve been using Popup Domination on a variety of sites for the past few years and have seen the product improve a lot in that time. It’s easier to use, easier to setup and integrate, more options, more designs, there has been the addition of analytics and general coolness. There’s a quick video review and walk-through below for you to see what it’s all about, but first let me show you the results!

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So for whatever reason, a couple months ago I ended up on the Popup Domination site and noticed the headline said something about getting a large percentage increase in the number of subscribers which immediately made me think “yeah right…” I don’t know, it just sounded hypey and maybe too good to be true because I had never really done a test with it. In the past I would simply install and enjoy seeing my list grow.

But what I found out while testing shocked me…

There is a site of mine that I have been building a list with for just over 2 years, but I had never gotten around to installing Popup Domination on it. With a solid history of signups, this made the site a perfect candidate for testing and I decided to stop procrastinating and just get it installed already!

Of course, the percentage increase achieved would depend very much on the site. In this case, the site that I chose to test on was already highly optimized for opt ins with a highly targeted full size opt in box and a sidebar opt in box as well with a very strong offer.

So how did I test it?

I got to thinking on how one would even measure something like this and I had to do a bit of studying up on how to calculate percentage of increase (I know, I know, I should be doing this in my sleep). It’s simple once you get it though.

For example, if you currently were getting 1 new signup per day before installing Popup Domination and now you get 6 new signups per day, that is a 500% increase.

Of course the per day rate can fluctuate a lot depending on a number of factors, so it’s much more accurate to take a monthly average. So far, Popup Domination has increased subscribers on my test site by 67%!

By the way, you don’t have to figure all of this stuff out if you don’t want/care/have time… I wanted to do this to show solid, proven results rather than simply speculating and saying “Popup Domination works great”. What I found is that…

Popup Domination works wonders and I’ve got the numbers to prove it

My first step was working out an average of how many subscribers the test site was generating per month BEFORE Popup Domination was installed. The average number of signups per month on the test site was: 138

Next step was to determine how many signups per month AFTER installing Popup Domination, and I wanted a few months of data in order to be sure. The new average number of signups per month on the test site is now: 231

That’s a 67% increase (AKA MASSIVE)! Two-Thirds MORE subscribers each and every month!

If I would have known this before, I would not have wasted so many years (and potential signups) without having Popup Domination installed on the site that I tested. Scepticism and lack of solid data can be dangerous things!

It’s also important to understand that Popup Domination is complementary to your current signup forms. It is not meant to take their place, but to simply create another opportunity to ask your visitors to signup. You continue to get the normal signups PLUS additional people that may not have seen your other forms.

I think if your site is not already completely optimized for opt ins that by using Popup Domination you could easily see an even higher percentage increase of 100% or more. It’s an invaluable tool!

So what about the actual product?

Check out this quick Popup Domination review video to see it in action:

Click here to get Popup Domination

I might do another post in the future to let you know what settings are working best for me.

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    Warning: Don’t make this mistake!

    The other day when I setup the test campaign, I forgot to delete it and then I discovered that it had been running as a split test for several days! Bad news… Make sure you always check your work!

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