Financial Stability is Boring

It is also potentially dangerous. Allow me to explain…

Lacking the resources to provide for basic needs in a “comfortable” lifestyle is at the very least, difficult and stressful. I’ve been there, worried about what I was going to eat, many times not having anything to eat and even homeless.

Coming from a place like that, it is obvious why a warm place to sleep, sufficient food, etc. and knowing that there is enough money to cover the resulting expenses, in other words financial stability, is so desirable. Achieving this goal is the dream of many, but are you happy with “just enough to get by”?

Of course, until basic needs are met, you really cannot move on towards bigger goals, but if you don’t set those goals and work at obtaining them, problems can arise.

When you are at the point of no longer worrying where the next meal is going to come from, or if you’ll be kicked out of your home, it is easy to sit back and relax. The world is so FULL of distractions and entertainment that without a clear plan and the discipline to work at it one could spend the rest of their life in conformity instead of reaching their full potential.

So What?

Some people have a high desire for achievement while some are perfectly content with being comfortable (stable). Research by psychologist Dr. David C. McClelland using results based on the Thematic Apperception Test demonstrated that individuals can be grouped into high achievers and low achievers based on their scores. Neither can be said to be better than the other, they are simply different personality traits. The danger comes in the form of boredom which can lead to what Holocaust survivor Dr. Viktor Frankl called the “existential vacuum”, basically a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. (Note: For a far more in-depth and stimulating study I highly suggest that you read “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.)

One of the best ways to ultimately overcome boredom and a lack of direction is to provide value (I know, so cliche!!!), but seriously, and value can mean so many different things like inspiring and helping others to achieve their goals, donating time to feed the hungry and/or homeless, becoming more involved in the community, creating art, music or writing a book, in short, making a difference in the world. There is so much more to life!

Financial stability is boring. I challenge you to be much more than financially stable, I challenge you to be great in everything that you do!

I’ll leave you with this video (excuse my French):

AUTHOR - Matt Greener

Matt Greener is a leading expert in online strategy for businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping propel clients to market dominance is his passion. For over a decade Matt has consulted for celebrities, CEO's and INC 500 companies, among many others. Matt takes full advantage of the fast-evolving internet, applying a potent mix of strategies with his clients. His expanding reach empowers a larger audience with powerful tools and specialized training which has placed him in high demand for business owners and individuals that desire to maximize their online potential. Matt also writes frequently for several internationally acclaimed websites including his own blog. Follow @RealMattGreener

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