Blog Comments for SEO – How to Find Blogs to Get Valuable Backlinks

A great way to get backlinks to your site and increase your search engine rankings is by leaving comments on blogs, with your link of course. Do it right and you can even gain traffic back to your site through that very comment link.

Now considering that the reason you want to improve your rankings in the first place  is to get visitors, doing both at the same time is a very good thing indeed. Not every blog comment backlink is created equal and although it’s good to have a healthy mix of all types of links in your backlink profile, here’s how to find the blog comments for SEO that can give you SEO and targeted traffic at the same time.

First, you need to understand the “rules” for quality comments. Spammy comments can get you a backlink, but we’re also looking to gain credibility and traffic or in other words, higher quality links which can be worth several times more than a normal comment link.

Rules for powerful blog commenting:

  • Intend to add real value and insight to the discussion
  • Don’t use “great post” or “I agree” type comments
  • Try to be one of the first to comment if comments are displayed as oldest to newest
  • Follow the posted rules of the site if any
  • Include a link in your comment and a reason why. Don’t just throw in some completely unrelated ad
  • If possible, use the exact anchor text for the keyword term that you’re targeting
  • Avoid pages that already have a lot of outbound links. 100+ is too many

Here are 2 easy ways to find relevant blogs to leave a comment and backlink on…

Assume for this example that your keyword is Coffee Maker. Go to Google and type in:

Coffee maker “leave a comment”

As shown in this image:

Google search for comment friendly blogs

This will return a list of sites related to the term coffee maker that have the text “leave a comment” on the page. If you use the Firefox plugin SEOQuake you can then also determine the PageRank of these results. Now simply visit the site, read the page and leave a valuable comment!

You can modify your search to include “add your comment”, “leave your comment” or “add a comment” as these are other common terms used on blogs.

The second way to find places to leave valuable blog comments for SEO is to conduct a search in Google for “CommentLuv blogs”. As shown here:

This will result in a list of blogs that allow you to comment on posts and include a backlink to your site.

There are so many ways to build backlinks and blog commenting is just one of several that you should be including your mix.


AUTHOR - Matt Greener

Matt Greener is a leading expert in online strategy for businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping propel clients to market dominance is his passion. For over a decade Matt has consulted for celebrities, CEO's and INC 500 companies, among many others. Matt takes full advantage of the fast-evolving internet, applying a potent mix of strategies with his clients. His expanding reach empowers a larger audience with powerful tools and specialized training which has placed him in high demand for business owners and individuals that desire to maximize their online potential. Matt also writes frequently for several internationally acclaimed websites including his own blog. Follow @RealMattGreener

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