Content Creation Made Easy – 3 Effective Methods

I am sure you have heard the expression that content is king before. In fact content is the lifeblood of your website and actually the entire internet. So if you have a site, you cannot skip the task of creating content, unless you don’t mind having miserable rankings, minimal traffic and a generally underperforming site. Even if you have a website that is focused more towards using other media content such as video, you will still need to provide some type of text information.

Let me show you a few ways to create content for your website without having to do it all yourself. Content creation can be a nightmare for many site owners but it doesn’t have to be.

Method One – Outsourcing

Outsourcing is basically a method to pay other people to write and/or produce content for you. This will free your time so that you can focus on other parts of your business. Two good places to outsource content creation are and You can create an account and then post a content writing project that writers will bid on. You will be able to evaluate who is most suited for the outlined job by gauging their response as well as reading reviews and ratings based on their past performance. Then you can accept them for the job and work will begin. Always use escrow!

What about Fiverr? Fiverr can be very hit and miss. If you’re serious about quality content, I would suggest looking elsewhere to get it done. Fiverr can be great for other tasks however!

When it comes to outsourcing, you usually get what you pay for. If you get someone to create an article for you at a cost of $2, then it’s highly likely that a writer with limited command over the English language will be the person writing the article. But keep in mind that even a $20 per article native English speaking writer could also write terribly. So do your research, request writing samples where possible and if not possible, then it’s worth it to pay for one article first to review quality and then continue with the rest of the project rather than ordering everything at once only to find out that the quality is substandard.

Outsourcing can be a daunting task. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily end up spending money and wasting time with little to nothing to show for it in the end.

You can learn A LOT more about effective outsourcing here

Method Two – Talking Not Writing!

Some people hate writing but could talk all day about a certain topic. If this sounds like you, then you could purchase a voice recognition software, speak into a microphone and have everything that you say typed out for you automatically. Dragon Naturally Speaking possibly the best software for converting your speech into written word.

More on Dragon Naturally Speaking here

You could also just record your voice and then hire someone to transcribe it into text for you. In fact, depending on your project, you may not even need to use text at all. You could just add the audio of your recording to your website for visitors to listen. Even if you are using a recording, I would still suggest some sort of supporting text rather than a big link and nothing else on the page.

Method Three – Guest Blogging

Approach bloggers in your market and ask if they would like to contribute content to your site. Why would they do this? Because you allow them to link back to their website (back link and potential traffic) as an exchange for providing you with quality content. Of course you don’t have publish anything on your site that does not meet your standards so this is a win-win situation that many site owners are using for easy content creation.

Method Four? – Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private label rights are considered by many to be a viable an option as long as they are high quality articles. PLR articles are essentially articles that are written by other people, which you can purchase and use however you like. You can use them as they are, edit, alter, or change them in any way you want, but please do everyone online a favor and don’t!

There are many ways to get PLR content. You could join a membership that offers PLR articles for a monthly fee, or you could purchase individual article packs offered on forums.

Don’t add PLR articles directly to your site without rewriting them. If you do this, all that you’re accomplishing is adding crap duplicate content that probably already exists on 100 other sites. In fact, I wouldn’t use PLR at all unless it was:

  • Very high quality to start with
  • Thoroughly rewritten
  • Was added to and expanded on

So unless you are willing to do that (which at times can be a viable option), then you really shouldn’t even waste your and everyone else’s time with junk content.

AUTHOR - Matt Greener

Matt Greener is a leading expert in online strategy for businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping propel clients to market dominance is his passion. For over a decade Matt has consulted for celebrities, CEO's and INC 500 companies, among many others. Matt takes full advantage of the fast-evolving internet, applying a potent mix of strategies with his clients. His expanding reach empowers a larger audience with powerful tools and specialized training which has placed him in high demand for business owners and individuals that desire to maximize their online potential. Matt also writes frequently for several internationally acclaimed websites including his own blog. Follow @RealMattGreener


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