How To Drive Hordes Of Eager Visitors To Your Website

A Beginner’s Guide To Highly Effective Traffic Sources


By far the most common question that I hear is “Matt, how do I get more traffic?”.

There is certainly no shortage of information, in fact, there is so much that for most people it’s too much. When you are overloaded with information, it’s hard to decide what to act upon and what ends up happening is nothing.

I’ve spent several years testing most every traffic source imaginable, I even ran a successful pixel ad site at one point! So I decided to put together a few tips on what traffic sources are working for me.

As I began jotting down notes, I ran into the same problem and quickly realized that there are so many good sources that I actually had to pick and choose and cut out information in order to keep it manageable and actionable for beginners, yet powerful enough for anyone to gain a real benefit.

The resulting guide contains my top tried and tested methods for generating long term, quality traffic from varying sources to any website. Methods that are easily available to anyone willing to implement them.

Do you see your visits increasing month after month?

How To Drive Hordes Of Eager Visitors To Your Website will show you:

  • A quick 5 minute ritual that increases your exposure and authority in your market!
  • A simple trick that converts one time hits into to repeat visitors!
  • The quickest way to reach your exact target market and have them begging for more!
  • One minor mistake that is the difference between getting clicks or getting nothing!
  • And much more!

If you had to build traffic to a site from scratch, no contacts, no relationships, no money… what would you do?

I would start here and HAVE used these tactics to launch multiple sites successfully over the years. So don’t wait any longer to increase your web traffic!

Get How To Drive Hordes Of Eager Visitors To Your Website – A Beginner’s Guide To Highly Effective Traffic Sources right now!

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What questions do you have about traffic? Leave me a comment below!

AUTHOR - Matt Greener

Matt Greener is a leading expert in online strategy for businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping propel clients to market dominance is his passion. For over a decade Matt has consulted for celebrities, CEO's and INC 500 companies, among many others. Matt takes full advantage of the fast-evolving internet, applying a potent mix of strategies with his clients. His expanding reach empowers a larger audience with powerful tools and specialized training which has placed him in high demand for business owners and individuals that desire to maximize their online potential. Matt also writes frequently for several internationally acclaimed websites including his own blog. Follow @RealMattGreener


  • Becky F.

    Is there a way to get GOOD Targeted Traffic for FREE that will take less than 10-15 minutes a day to setup and/or administer, that can be done over and over without eating up much time?

  • KennethC

    Matt, if this project, How To Get Traffic – A Guide for Beginners – is ANYTHING like the quality tools you offer, count me in. I do have a question that I hope you cover in your book. My question is about getting visitors to your site that are targeted. You can have a million visitors, but if you don’t have that ‘magic’ something for those visitors to be willing to openly commit to taking an action, how do you get them to become buyers? Thanks.

  • Estelle Matthews

    I try to get traffic using different websites and programs that assure me I will get traffic. Yes, lots of clicks, no subscribers. I need to get subscribers.

  • Ann

    OK – so I’m guessing that I need a website FIRST, before driving traffic to it, right?!

    Would still love to get your program for free….an opportunity for a Senior to learn is always good :)


  • Harry

    Hey, so my question is relatively simple. What are the most effective free methods of traffic I can use starting out as a beginner? I’ve heard of article marketing, and the similar likes. How would I research my sources where I’d like to get traffic from to maximize that efficiently? and how would I cite my sources of traffic so I can figure out the conversion rates of the sites I use individually and as a whole?

  • Jeanette Cozart

    Hi Matt,
    I have been trying to teach myself, for the past 2 years, how to become successful online. I am a very outgoing person and have a strong desire to learn. I am very creative and enjoy a challenge. I am interested in knowing the best strategies that you use to get traffic and maintain that traffic. I have read so much literature that I am not sure exactly what the best method of getting and keeping traffic is. I know the majority of the material indicates that the money is in the list. I have joined, and am currently, a member of several sites that I pay for on a monthly basis. I do have traffic coming to my website, but nothing that turns into a hit or a returning user. Despite all my hard work and determination, I have not been able to make any money online. However, my determination will not let me quit. I continue to try daily in hopes that I will eventually find a real person that is willing to teach me the tactics that are needed to become successful online.
    Being Positive,

  • Wanda Goins

    Matt, I have been posting ads in both of the online’s that I’m working on. I get the clicks showing they looked at the site but get no one to opt-in. If your book tells me how to get around this obstacoe, then I’m the one who needs it BADLY!!! No leads opting in mean no money for me. I need money……. Lots and Lots of money too!

  • Chin M C

    My question is simple – how to get them to visit my site , optin for a free report or something , convert them to buyers ,stay on my list and become loyal long term customers.

  • William

    Hi Mat,
    I my site gothacked and we could notfindwhee and what they did so we started from scrach agin. Now it seems that we lost all the traffic that we had do you have any sugestions for me? I really could use the help if possible.
    Thanks for all you do,
    William Howard

  • Matt Greener

    Great questions!

    Becky and Kenneth:
    You’re on the right track with your thinking regarding targeted traffic. The easiest way to get the highest quality targeted traffic without spending a lot of time of course is to pay for it. That being said, there are many ways to get free targeted traffic, but you need to dedicate time and effort, it does get easier and faster as you refine your strategy! Proper research combined with SEO for your site as well as ranking videos can provide a steady stream of visitors once setup. If you are a quick writer (to stay within the 10-15 minutes timeframe), there are unlimited opportunities to publish articles and posts around the web for free that can also be very targeted, the traffic will depend on the readership and how well you convince readers that they need to hear more from you.

    Many times the types of services that assure you a traffic are sending junk quality traffic that is not at all targeted to your market. You need targeted traffic in order to get subscribers.

    You can drive traffic to a Youtube video, a social media profile or any other free property or offer that you have, regardless of whether you have a site or not. Of course, I recommend a site as part of a long term growth strategy, but don’t let the lack of it hold you back!

    Your traffic may or may not be targeted, I don’t know, but it may not be your biggest problem. After looking at your site quickly, it was unclear as to what you wanted the visitor to do. My suggestion is to improve your site, improve the focus and calls to action by figuring out what you would like the visitor to do on a particular page, and then making that clear via design and copy.

    You are most likely lacking in both targeted traffic and a highly optimized opt in process. You need both!

    Give them a good reason to visit your site, no one is going to visit just because you ask them to. Easiest way is to offer solutions to their problems through your site. To opt in, give them a condensed solution so that they don’t have to dig around and figure it out for themselves or a tool that will help them. To convert to buyers offer a continuation, improvement and related information/tools/training that will help them along even further. Loyal, long term customers come naturally if you do the above correctly and honestly (IE, give value and don’t misrepresent yourself/products for something they are not).

    The first place I would start is by setting up the .htaccess file on the OLD site with 301 redirects for each old URL to where it can be found on the new site/domain.

    Keep ’em coming everyone!

  • Frank & Ginny Atkinson

    I am trying to make a budget for advertising. I would like your opinion on how much you think is good to budget for solo adds, and how many different solo adds should run in say a seven day period? Is there a formula you might tend to follow or do you have a strict procedure you use? Thanks much, Frank

  • Jimmy Shine

    Hi Mat it’s funny that you should ask that question. I am fairly new. I spent three days last weekend trying to get Google Analytics and Webmastertools and Bing Analytics Trying to get traffic to my sites. I have tried to learn SEO by Yeost and nothing I do seems to help to get anyone to come to my sites. I would really love to know the secrets to get traffic to come to my sites? I would love to know! Thanks, It seams like nothing I try is helping and I’m at my wits end.

  • Matt Greener

    Rather than a specific budget or amount of ads run in a seven day period, you need to focus on maximizing results from each solo ad. What are you trying to achieve with a solo ad? Subscribers? Sales? Both? Knowing what you are aiming for will help you determine whether or not each ad is successful.

    Tweak and perfect your landing page and funnel, if you are able to break even or even make money initially from a solo ad, that is the best position to be in. In fact, if you don’t at least break even, it can get costly very quickly. Ultimately, deciding how much you are willing to spend per subscriber is necessary, otherwise you could end up just spending money with little to no return.

    My advice is that you pick one method and don’t move on until you have mastered it. Analytics and Webmaster tools designed to help you discover where traffic is coming from, what is working, what isn’t, they are not meant to bring you traffic.

    Awesome questions guys!

  • George Nieves

    Hi Matt,
    Getting traffic is a constant worry for most people.
    The game is constantly changing. What works today, my not work tomorrow.
    Thanks for the great tips, Matt!
    All the best in 2013!

  • Egill Hallgrimsson

    Hi Matt.
    I have now bought your beginners guide. I am thankful for getting it. It is full of extremely valuable information and guidance. I will use it to the fullest. I believe your information will help me generate thousands upon thousands of USD. The secret is in the doing. Warm Regards. Egill.

  • Karnal Singh

    Nice article guiding how to attract visitors!

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