The Century of the Self – This Must Watch Documentary Will Change You

The Century of the Self is a documentary produced by the BBC (top class) that spans the 1900’s showing the rises and falls of marketing, consumerism, how governments played a vital role in creating and controlling much more than you might realize and how this history has shaped not only how products are sold today, but has also shaped how people think and how entire markets have been created. You can watch it for free right here.

I was introduced to The Century of the Self by a friend a few years ago and just recently re-watched it as there is so much information to be contemplated that it really does deserve more than one viewing.

Not really much else to add except for that this video is a MUST WATCH for anyone, regardless of your background and future aspirations. At first it may seem particularly relevant to only America, but in fact shows how the world over has been controlled and influenced by the attitudes, values and habits shaped during the amazing period of human history that was the past century.

It is long, almost 4 hours, yet I think you’ll find yourself wanting more like I did when I realized it had finished.

There really is a LOT to consider, so once you have finished watching join the conversation and leave your thoughts below.

  • How has this video changed you?
  • How will it change the way that you do business?
  • Do you think others would benefit from learning this?
  • What thought patterns can you identify in yourself that have been created by “others”?

Want to learn more? American Historian Stuart Ewen’s PR! – A Social History of Spin is one book that should definitely be in your wealth library.

AUTHOR - Matt Greener

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